Dark versions of commonly known chocolate sweets

Dark versions of commonly known chocolate sweets.

The last two years have been interesting in terms of the products I buy, including interesting versions of previously known sweets. And so two years ago I described the dark version of coconut bars Bounty Dark, which are available from time to time in some grocery chains (red packaging as opposed to classic blue, which has a version with milk chocolate in it).

Dark chocolate (Dark) usually means not bitter (above 70% cocoa) but dessert (in the vicinity 45-55% cocoa), which is definitely less sweet than the milk one, but not yet bitter aftertaste. Such dark chocolates have many fans in Germany, and milk chocolate is said to be completely unpopular in France (That's what I've heard, although I have little knowledge of local sweets). These are often cultural preferences that are passed down from generation to generation.

In Poland after 1989 year, when economic freedom prevailed and the shelves in stores were filled with goods from the west, we were pressed the cheapest (Powdered milk is a cheaper investment for producers than good quality cocoa) chocolate - that is, the milk ones. And it has remained so until today, and sweetness is addictive, for this reason, e.g.. next generations of children in our country are reluctant to look at chocolates with a higher cocoa content - they choose the nasty sweetness of milk sugar.

Despite this, producers try to break through with something new from time to time, such as from 2015 years with a limited version Kinder Bueno Dark (see photo at the top). For me, it is a great product (rating 4/5), which has the same filling, as in the version with milk chocolate (there is also a version with white chocolate). This dark composition makes, that in my subjective opinion (because I am a fan of dessert chocolates) the dark version is not that sweet, like the original! Unfortunately, the product is more difficult to get, I saw him the most at Tesco.

I also described other products, which are sold both with milk and dessert chocolate, np. cookies-balls Malti Keks, dessert pralines with filling w 3 flavors from Wedel, butter cookies coated with dark chocolate produced for Tesco, pralines Lindor Extra Dark (much better than the red version - with milk chocolate), sweets (currently impregnable) Geisha Dark marki do, even Merci offers chocolate box in the dark version.

One of the first products featured here on the blog were excellent WW wafers brand frond. When I saw their variation in white chocolate in the store, I immediately thought - when will I get the Dark version? I had to wait a long time, but somehow at the beginning 2016 In the last year, I was able to buy this version - and unlike the good products mentioned above, on these wafers I was disappointed. Because while the classic version is tasty but a bit too sweet, the WW Dark version is drenched (for wafers) dark chocolate, but bitter, not dessert, this variation of walfa loses its charm and I am a little surprised by the producer, after all, it's not some bush company, but Wedel - a brand with a great tradition, after all, they know how to handle dessert chocolate very well, which they prove with other sensational wafers in the form Wedlowski, Torick.