waffle line (Milka), Lusette i Grześki gofree

waffle line (Milka), Lusette i Grześki gofree.

Today, a wholesale overview 3 wafers (I came across them in the first half 2017 year), which I chose to eat at the same time, to have the most precise comparison possible. It made me sweet.

In order from sweetest to least sweet (although these are quite subtle differences) to Wafelini Chocomax brand Milka, Lusette Slovak production (IDC Polonia distributor, the one from Góralka) and Grześki gofree Chocolate with Hazelnuts brand goplana.

In the same order, these wafers can be replaced depending on the most dense ones to the more and more light ones.

Milka's product weighing 31 g is all covered with their classic milk chocolate (I bought on promotion at Tesco, where they were for half price - after 0,80 zloty, when you bought the whole cardboard box containing 16 pieces).

An interesting fact is the Lusette waffle, half covered with a thin layer of chocolate (top half and sides half as thick. This is new, which I found in Carrefour in half 2017 year. It is the heaviest (50 g) of today discussed, and it only costs 0,99 zloty. Only a little bit of its smell I do not like at first after opening it (perhaps this is my subjective feeling - a reaction to some supplement, I suspect a vanilla ingredient here, which I don't like very much).

Slightly more expensive (also in Carrefour) there is a new invention of Goplana: A grainy waffle, for which I paid 1,19 zloty (33 g). This wafer comes without chocolate glaze, has two outer thick perforated waffle panels formed in a waffle style (hence an interesting English-sounding association waffles), and in the middle we will find 2 different layers compacted, but light filling (probably according to the name on the packaging, these are the chocolate and nut layers). This product is perhaps the most reminiscent of something in the style of wafers Buttons, but there is no chocolate layer or milk-based white filling. The disadvantage is too narrow and long shape, which, in the case of an inadequate process, too loose packaging and high fragility of the product, that too easily such a wafer breaks yet, when it's on a store shelf.

Each of these 3 wafers have several flavors, I chose these when buying, which I like the most and I was not disappointed in their taste. Others will probably also be able to choose their flavors and they won't be disappointed either.

I will skip the description of the ingredients, because in some cases, reading the names of the chemicals used in the production of the head can make your head ache.

In general, among sweets, wafers do not stand high on the podium for me, but these three I can judge in the area between 2+ a 3- on my strict scale from 1 do 5 (it is not only the taste values ​​that are at stake, but also the price of the product - here Goplana's product was the most expensive per kg of product (36 zloty) - although, apart from the promotion, perhaps the price of Milki wafers in various stores may be even higher).

At the same time, if I had to choose only one of the three wafers, I would try a chocolate-nut Grześki waffle.