Christmas Hearts Shamagne Truffel - Lindt

Christmas Hearts Shamagne Truffel - Lindt.

Something expensive this time, but apparently at a promotional price, because at the post-Christmas sale of occasional sweets at Tesco (pity, that in other chains I did not notice a similar sale). I am talking about a small nice box (weight 50g) with an interesting heart-shaped cutout.

Inside the package there are two such hearts placed in profiled places. Both pralines are large in size and each is wrapped in gold aluminum foil. I do not know, how much did it cost out of promotion, but I bought it for 8 zloty, which gives in terms of kg up to 160 zloty! We pay primarily for it, that it's a Christmas product, for the elegant packaging and for the brand Lindt. I warn you in advance - even at a promotional price, it is not worth paying so much ... Only on the heart itself you can read the name referring to the taste: Shamagne Truffle. On the back of the package there are fine print descriptions, but they were covered by the distributor sticker with the text in Polish. And on it, the name does not speak much: milk chocolate with various fillings. They are certainly not different, the filling is of one type, it is a white thick cream. It is sweet with only a slight tinge (more of an odor rather than a taste) alcoholic, this is probably the champagne element. Besides, the cream is rather bland - just very sweet. The whole heart-shaped drenched in classic Lindt milk chocolate (not too thick this layer).

I bought it out of conviction for the exceptional quality of most Lindt products (not all, bo np. The Lindor line is completely wrong for me), but rather disappointed with the mediocrity of the product.

Due to the high price and the lack of the expected distinctive taste of the filling, I have to rate rather low as something completely average.

Overall assessment (subjective) 3+/5
Sweetness level - high

Price for the package (Auchan, February 2017): 8 zloty
Price per kg: 160 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 481
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 51g
Total fat content per 100g: 27g
Warnings: the product contains milk components, soi, in addition, it may contain traces of hazelnuts and other nuts