Festive candies (Happy Easter) – Lindt

Festive candies (Happy Easter) – Lindt.

The blog entries about Christmas sweets have just appeared, but related to Christmas, and we already have another holiday and more opportunities to describe occasional sweets. Wishing you good luck, happy Easter, I present a new one at the same time, Christmas brand product Lindt.

Branded manufacturer + occasional = high price. That equation works well this time. Still, I decided to take a chance and bought a candy wrapper Happy Easter about weight 200 g, for which I paid 29,99 zloty (it gives almost 150 PLN per kilogram). Candies in three flavors, each shaped like an egg, individually packed in colored aluminum foil. All in milk chocolate (minimum 30% cocoa), one type is the uniform consistency of alpine milk chocolate. The other two types are stuffed and these are extremely tasty, their original names are Cresta and Nougat.

A Polish label was affixed to the original descriptions in German, which explains little. In my opinion, both fillings have a nougat aftertaste (hazelnuts), but in one of them you can also feel small pieces - just what? Maybe it's hazelnut pieces (probably too hard for a nut like this), although following the name of Lindt Cresta I found chocolate, in which the addition of almond pieces - unfortunately, there is no such ingredient on the candy package, so I don't know anymore ...

It's hard to make a verdict, because the price is definitely too high (especially for 1/3 plain milk chocolate candies), but other candies are very tasty! I compromise 4/5.

Overall assessment (subjective) 4/5
Sweetness level - high

Price for the package (Carrefour store, April 2017): 29,99 zloty
Price per kg: 149,95 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 569
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 53g
Total fat content per 100g: 36g
Warnings: the product contains milk components, soi, hazelnuts, in addition, it may contain other nuts in trace amounts