Sweets with chocolate with the addition of orange flavor

Sweets with chocolate with the addition of orange flavor.

Almost po 4 years of the blog's operation, it is time to summarize, it is worth presenting it, which i especially like, and so today about chocolate sweets with the addition of orange flavor. And here's an important note - you can have a good ride, suggesting the packaging. This is because if it signals the addition of candied orange peels, we won't taste the orange too much ...

Such an example of a missed product (rating 1/5) were orange peel coated in chocolate brand Chocolate Garden. They are more jelly beans and not sweet in my opinion, even though I usually prefer less sweet products, than the average Pole, under which they adjust mass production.

So Carletti (interestingly, it is a Polish producer!) she visited this blog twice, with descriptions of sweets that match the subject matter discussed today. The first time they were Orange Arches chocolate flakes – dessert chocolate with a delicate addition of orange flavor – there is nothing crazy about it, but a good quality product, although not very cheap (rating 2+/5). The second time I described chocolate sticks of this brand – Crispy Dark Chocolate with Orange Taste. Flake-like flavor, however, the addition here is the crispness contained in the name, resulting from specially prepared crushed corn flakes - I do not like this idea based on corn in sweets, that's why I do not recommend these particular sticks (rating 2/5).

They are much tastier milk chocolate sticks with the addition of orange flavor brand Master Truffout, quite expensive, but perfectly reflecting the difference between chocolate with and without the aftertaste of orange. Much higher rating: 3+/5. W 2016 year I came across a very similar brand of sticks in Carrefour Cupid (they come in a larger package, weighing 125g), you should also be assessed 3+/5 (see photo opposite). Somewhat similar sticks were once available in Lidl (when Basini).

In Tesco, I also found something else with fingers in the name - this Wafer sticks with orange-flavored cream in chocolate produced under the brand of this store chain. Although the idea is great, referring to Amicelli waffle tubes, it's poor performance. At least the taste is not as bad as the aesthetic and mental sensations (after reading the label describing the solid stuffing of these tubes with ingredients that are not very healthy for health), and the price is low - hence the compromise assessment 2/5.

As far as in the case of Carletti I described two products, it's discussing brand sweets Hamlet, I tried to describe something that was a combination of both of their ideas: chocolate flakes with an orange aftertaste (and it is in milk chocolate!) with the addition of crunchiness (already less irritating, because it is based on roasted rice) - a delicious product based on Belgian chocolate. Overall rating due to the high price 3+/5 (a cheaper replacement is sometimes available in the Lidl network).

Now let's move on to orange chocolates. Among the producers offering the addition of orange flavor, the brand is the leader on our store shelves Lindt. I got her version in dark chocolate stuffed dark chocolate mousse and orange filling. In the case of this company, we have to take into account high prices, hence the assessment taking into account the taste, the quality of the package and the price include 3/5. Quite similar in appearance (but worse in taste) is (looking a bit like a Lindt fake) chocolate Orange Chocolate Mousse companies Moser Roth from Germany. Here instead of dessert, you can clearly feel the taste of dark chocolate (min. 85% cocoa), and the filling is rather sour than related to good sweet oranges - hence the rating only 2-/5.

Another Lindt stuffed chocolate fell into my hands at a stand with products imported from Germany. I have not seen her in Polish stores. Also stuffed, but this time it milk chocolate Unfortunately, too sweet for me (rating 3/5).

The third variety of the Lindt brand is no longer stuffed, a dessert version closer to classic chocolates with an orange flavor and very small pieces of almonds and orange peel - produced as part of the series Lindt Excellence. Pretty good, however, an expensive offer - therefore the evaluation only 2+/5.

Like, chocolate turned out to be an even more expensive product Almond Orange – Vegan. It is a product of a German company Ichoc, here we are dealing with good quality milk chocolate, all from high-quality ingredients (chocolate bought at a health food store) - hence the compromise assessment 3-/5.

For the end, I left the most dairy products, including chocolate ball, which can be broken into pieces in a similar way to an orange. To Terry’s Chocolate Orange – a product originating in Ireland. Yes, it surprises with an intense orange aftertaste, but milk chocolate is even too milk, because the cocoa itself was hardly used 25%, and this is probably near the lower border between the nomenclature of chocolate and a chocolate-like product - evaluation 2/5 (quite expensive product, was available in the Alma network). I have even less doubts about calling something a chocolate-like product in the case of a similar-tasting product, but of lower quality (which is compensated by the lower price). We're talking about brand chocolate Trappa from Spain, which only contains 21% cocoa (also evaluation 2/5).

In conclusion - the range of grades from 1 do 3+ (on a scale to 5) a large number described by 4 years of products with various shapes, consistencies - this is how I am picky when judging and you have to take an amendment for it. The price range is also considerable, per kilogram is from 25 do 125 zloty! The range of the percentage of cocoa in the base ingredient, that is, chocolate, also wide because from 21% (nasty sweetening with milk sugar) do 85% (excessive bitterness not matching the orange aftertaste). Orange chocolate is a great idea. Everyone will find something for himself.