Order in restaurants and hotels

Order in restaurants and hotels.

Keeping huge surfaces in restaurants or hotels perfectly clean is not easy. To facilitate the work of the staff, it is worth taking care of the appropriate devices, which will professionally and quickly refresh carpets, floors, windows or restoring order to children or terraces.

Although, in the opinion of Western restaurateurs, the Polish catering industry is only at the beginning of its development path, this shows a clear tendency to improve quality in every field, especially in the field of hygiene. Investing in professional and modern cleaning equipment is not a luxury either, nor the domain of owners of luxury premises. It is a must, even when driving by ordinary, housing estate eatery.
Both at the hotel, as well as restaurants, we deal with large areas at every turn, manual cleaning costs a lot of time and energy. These are both natural stone floors, plastic or wood, as well as carpets and rugs. Their cleaning and care is a particularly big problem, also why, that they are located in the rooms used on a daily basis, which are difficult to take out of service for a long time. Professional cleaning devices can therefore be an excellent solution not only in terms of economy and labor saving, but also because of the precision of cleaning and dosing of detergents, which is hard to expect from a traditional one, hand washing. It is worth thinking about buying the right device in the fall, because it's the best time, to prepare for the next peak season, that is the end of the year, and then the winter-spring period.
For any surface
The wide range of cleaning devices available on our market includes: washing vacuum cleaners, brush vacuum cleaners for large carpet areas, dry vacuum cleaners for textile floor coverings, wet and dry vacuum cleaners for collecting liquid waste, scrubbers for cleaning, polishing and maintenance of surfaces, cleaning machines for simultaneous cleaning of surfaces and collecting dirt. In addition, there are devices that are very useful in the kitchen and bathroom, where attention to cleanliness and hygiene is particularly required. Among them, steamers equipped with a point nozzle are popular, brushes with hard brass bristles or a set of cloths, which effectively remove stubborn dirt or sinter from stoves. Essential, that these devices meet specific sanitary requirements (np. approved for use near food).
All these devices are manufactured with the owners of both large and small eateries in mind. Of course, the bigger the restaurant, pub, cafe or hotel, and therefore more surfaces to be cleaned, the purchase of professional equipment is more profitable. The mechanical method of surface cleaning is much more effective and faster than the traditional one. It is also important to choose the right chemicals, that the final cleaning result is satisfactory, the manufacturers advise.
Take care of the floors
Disc brush scrubbers are perfect for washing and polishing hard floors in the hallway or hall., which allow the surface to be polished by prolonged contact with the floor. Surfaces subject to excessive wear, located in places of intense traffic, they should be especially carefully cleaned of fat, oil, soot or mineral contamination. In situation, when we especially care about time and work efficiency, it is worth investing in the device, which, in addition to cleaning and polishing hard surfaces, it will also have the function of dry or wet washing (for example thanks to the steam generator), so, so that the floor in a hotel or restaurant is really ready for the arrival of guests.
The carpet is always clean
Cleaning carpets and rugs is usually the most difficult and time-consuming. The simplest carpet and carpet cleaning devices are vacuum cleaners to remove dry dirt. It is important to, to work without noise, so that they guarantee the desired effects even in a densely furnished restaurant room, without disturbing the guests' rest. The discreet operation of vacuum cleaners is particularly important both in the reception and hotel rooms, as well as in the hall and restaurant room, where you should constantly keep the floors clean, most often simultaneously with the intensive use of these rooms. This is also essential, that the vacuum cleaner is small in size and weight, and that it has a powerful and efficient motor. It is worth choosing accessories carefully. Long and flexible hose, appropriate filters, Various cleaning nozzles or an adjustable handle adjusting to the operator's height - all this will increase the comfort and quality of work. Particularly useful is the hose lock preventing it from falling out during operation.
Dry or wet?
Floor coverings in restaurants and hotels are particularly susceptible to dirt. Sometimes, therefore, a device that removes only dry contamination is not enough. A washing machine can be used for washing carpets, for example, dry foam technology. It is a device equipped with two cylindrical brushes, which evenly introduce a layer of dry foam into the carpet structure. This technology is especially useful for large surfaces, for example conference rooms, where cleaning time matters most.
The guarantee of a perfectly clean floor covering is washing it "wet" with the extraction method. Such devices can clean both carpets, carpets and upholstery or upholstery quickly and efficiently. However, if we particularly care, so that the washed surface can be used immediately, you may be tempted to use the carpet dry cleaning system (EnviroDry). Although the purchase is quite expensive, technology of microsponges absorbing impurities, then collected by a special cleaning machine, guarantees an effect comparable to the extraction-spray washing method, and the carpet is ready for use almost immediately. Decisions, whether to opt for a vacuum cleaner for dry pollutants, dry and wet, a washing vacuum cleaner that fulfills all these functions, however, it should be taken after professional advice of a specialist and careful study of both needs, and possible costs.
An interesting solution, used especially in hotel bathrooms, in kitchens and washing rooms, only hot steam cleaning equipment may be used, without chemicals. The steamer will effectively clean kitchen and bathroom fittings, mirrors, windows, stainless steel furniture, tiles and terracotta, so it works great in places, which are constantly criticized by guests.
Outside the premises
When describing the offer of cleaning equipment manufacturers, it is impossible to ignore the equipment that helps to keep the surroundings of the premises clean - terraces, driveways or sidewalk. The most popular are manual sweepers and sweepers with drive. Of course, and in this case, the larger the area (according to the producers, such an investment pays off already at 200 m2 - manual sweeper and 300 m2 - with a drive), the more it is advisable to purchase such a device. An additional advantage of professional cleaning devices is their mobility and maneuverability, characteristic especially for small vacuum cleaners designed for small ones, hard-to-reach surfaces. Equipped with e.g.. the retractable pipes with a suction hose thoroughly remove dirt and dust there, where the vacuum cleaner brushes do not reach. Quiet, environmentally friendly and safe design of such devices increases the comfort of work and enables discreet cleaning.
High-pressure cleaning devices can be used to keep the outside of the premises clean, which are also great for cleaning garden furniture, commonly used in gastronomic gardens. These devices, equipped with special rotating nozzles, combining the advantages of a point jet of water and a flat high-pressure jet, they effectively remove troublesome contaminants. For keeping parking lots clean, driveways and the entire surroundings of the building, it is worth using sweepers, which will remove dirt many times faster than a traditional broom. Thanks to them, a well-kept parking lot or a sidewalk in front of the restaurant will become a guarantee of a good first impression and a real showcase of the facility.
Criteria of choice
When choosing cleaning devices, the restaurateur should think carefully, what solution will be the most optimal in his premises. They are important: the size of the surfaces to be cleaned, type of surface (flooring, parquet, rug) and the nature of the soiling. Machines and devices differ in the quality of workmanship and the possibility of expanding with additional options. Moreover, warranty conditions are important criteria, availability of spare parts and most importantly - service and compliance of products with the requirements of applicable law.
It's also worth finding out, Does the company we choose - if necessary - offer staff training, appropriate means and dosing systems and training materials.
One of the elementary questions, that the owners of gastronomic establishments ask themselves concerns the cost of professional cleaning devices. Unfortunately, the main selection criterion is often the price, which does not always correspond to the actual value of the product. According to the producers, the cost is related to the size of the surface to be cleaned and the frequency of cleaning. For this reason, it is not the price of the device that should be the basis of the purchasing decision, but the economic efficiency of operation. Unfortunately, such thinking is not yet dominant on the Polish market, although you can already see changes here. Much depends on the quality of pre-sale services, from information, what the customer can obtain from the equipment supplier.
Since Poland's accession to the European Union and the related adoption of the HACCP system (System of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) hygiene requirements have increased significantly, food safety and storage. They concern, among others. microbiological hazards (bacteria and viruses), chemical (cleaning products) and physical (broken glass, jewelry). When preparing an offer of cleaning devices, manufacturers are trying, that their equipment complies with the HACCP requirements as much as possible. However, in addition to investing in professional machines, the awareness and education of staff is very important. Essential, Keep cleaning products away from food, maintain an appropriate level of personal hygiene (frequent hand washing, daily bath, frequent washing of clothes, itp.), store food in airtight packaging during storage, prevent any foreign matter from entering the food, glass in particular, metal, kill microorganisms or stop their growth.