Mechanical peelers cutting the epidermis

Mechanical peelers cutting the epidermis.

The most modern are mechanical peelers - cutting the epidermis. The removable stainless steel drum and bottom plate have holes of different dimensions depending on the type of raw material being peeled. These openings have sharp inner edges. During operation, the drum rotates along with the bottom, and vegetables, under the action of centrifugal force, hit the walls of the drum and the plate. The sharp edges of the holes cut the epidermis. The peeler drum moves alternately in two directions.

Drawing. A machine for peeling vegetables that cuts the skin (Firmy Svaldo): a) partial section view, b) drums and plates with different hole sizes

In other types of cuticle shearing machines, the cylinder with the sharp edges of the holes is stationary. The plate or the knives in the form of strips of stainless steel with two cutting edges can be movable, fitted around the circumference of a rotating drum.

At Finis (the Netherlands) turbine machines are produced for peeling vegetables. In the lower part of the walls of the shallow cylinder there are the so-called. knife turbines. The turbines are round discs with flat knives, driven by a low-power, high-speed motor (250 W). The cleaned vegetables are directed towards the inner walls of the cylinder (towards knife turbines) by means of a rotating three-leg guide. The capacity of such machines is 125-1200 kg / h.

The advantage of epidermis cutting machines is the even shear of a thin layer of the epidermis and leaving a smooth surface of the peeled raw material., which affects the greater preservation of vitamin C., proteins and minerals, and slowing down the darkening pace, especially of potatoes.