OZP-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables

OZP-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables.

OZP-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables with a washer does not require a separate work station for rinsing potatoes and vegetables, because both of these activities are performed by one machine. Scheme of a peeler with a washer (washer-peelers) is shown in the drawing.

Drawing. OZP-40 peeler with a washer: a) view, b) diagram.

The machine consists of the following units: scrubber tank 1, washer plate 2, lifting assembly 3, bearings of the washer disc 4, peeler tank 5, the peeler plate 6, bearings of the peeler plate 7, V-belt transmission 8, door and drain 9 and a three-phase electric drive motor 10.

The washer-peeler is mounted on a cast-iron base enclosed with a tin cover and covered with a lid. There is a water injector in the cover 11, to which the rubber hose is attached, water supply. Inside there are aluminum working chambers of the washer 1 and peelers 5 connected by a bridge. The working chamber and washer plate are smooth, while the peeler chamber with the plate and the door are lined with replaceable metal segments, covered with abrasive material.

The washer-peeler is installed in the vegetable preparation plant near the socket and the tap with running water, above the drain grate. The machine must be placed vertically, because it ensures proper operation of shafts and rolling bearings, and earthed or neutralized, depending on the adopted system, in the entire plant.

After turning on the water supply and starting the engine driving the washer discs and peelers at the same time, a single batch of sorted potatoes is poured into the washer tank. After sufficient rinsing, the potatoes are poured into the peeler tank, pressing the scrubber lever pedal slowly, which causes the disc mounted on the shaft to be lifted. During pouring, the washer disc is in the upper position, while maintaining rotational movement. It is possible thanks to the use of a sliding key connection shown in the drawing.

Drawing. Bearing of the washer shaft: 1 - scrubber roller, 2 - shaft sleeve, 3 - scrubber sleeve, 4 - pulley, 5 - bumper, 6 - keyway, 7 - hood lubricator, 8 - ball bearing.

Due to this design, the pressure of the lever allows the shaft to slide axially in relation to the rotating pulley. After pouring out, the next batch is poured into the washer. Simultaneously with rinsing the potatoes, the previous batch is cleaned. The potatoes are poured into a vessel placed under the drain chute. All these activities are performed without switching off the engine. The work of the washer-peeler is continuous.

The engine power of the OZP-40 washer-peeler is 600 W, performance 200 kg/h, water consumption - 12 dmĀ³/min.