OZ-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables

OZ-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables.

The OZ-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables differs from the OZ-4 peeler in terms of dimensions and the design of the grating plate. The engine power is 600 W, performance - 200 kg/h, water consumption 8 – 10 l/min, one-time load - 15 kg.

It is the duty of the peeler operator to carefully read the operation and maintenance manual of the machine and fully follow the instructions and recommendations contained therein..

The sequence of actions during the operation of peelers is as follows:

1. Closing and securing the outlet door.
2. Turning on the water supply.
3. Start the engine by turning the switch to the ON position; do not start the engine after pouring vegetables into the peeler, because it may destroy it.
4. Pouring in vegetables (do 2/3 cylinder capacity).
5. Centrifuging vegetables through 2-3 min or until, when they are sufficiently cleaned.
6. Close the water supply and open the drain door. The centrifugal force automatically discharges the potatoes through the chute; please pay attention, so that the peeled vegetables do not fall to the floor, but to the container.
7. Engine shutdown.

Drawing. OZ-40 peeler for potatoes and vegetables.

Every time you finish peeling vegetables, run the machine on 5 minutes, by passing a large amount of water, to clean the drain holes well. The machine should always be clean both inside, and outside. Weekly, remove the disc and clean the bottom of the body and inspect it, the drain funnel and the peelings are not clogged, and also clean the drain grate of the peelings. Maintenance of vegetable peelers consists of tightening grease nipples weekly and filling them with grease, periodic lubrication of the disc drive shaft housing and door axis, and adjustment of the tension of V-belts.