New products among products from Germany

New products among products from Germany.

I spent the summer mainly enjoying the sun and eating seasonal fruit. However, I did not forget to hunt for some novelties in the sweet and chocolate offer. And on the occasion of fruit shopping on the market, I also visited stands with products from Germany, because that's where you come across products, which we do not experience in Polish retail chains or for well-known products, but at lower prices.

Thank you, for example. I found the one mentioned earlier Honey by Ferrereo but in a brand new pink packaging. However, the size and content were identical, so it's just some color attempt to refresh the product (see the first photo from the top). While in the Mon Cheri retail chains it costs approx 14-16 zloty, they were available at the stand after 12 zloty.

Interestingly, I also found the product fortified cherries well imitating the brand quality of cherries in alcohol covered with dessert chocolate and at a price 7,5 zloty! I couldn't tell the quality of the two pralines, so as they say: why overpay. And Likorkirschen has about the law 5% more weight. A product worth recommending (rating 4-/5).

And two more interesting facts. The first is an unusual product from Ferrero – ValParaiso: fruit (as the photo on the right shows: black currant or something like that, blueberry and apple) in some densely gel-like form (something like jelly beans but more natural) doused with a solid dose of chocolate. It is possible to eat, but weird is a kind of sweetness and relatively expensive. I have paid 10 PLN for the package 170 g (almost 59 zł per kg - I prefer cheaper fruits straight from nature), rather, I will not buy a second time. I judge 3-/5 mainly for high-quality chocolate and ingenuity.

The second curiosity from Germany, are banana jellies coated with chocolate (see photo below) - definitely sour (the taste of citric acid), I do not even remember the price and it is difficult for me to evaluate this product as a whole, though I know, that I will not buy it a second time. Rather only for fans of acid jelly beans.