New sweets in a nutshell

New sweets in a nutshell.

Today, an entry in a slightly different formula. And the idea was born out of a fact, that it was not worth devoting a separate entry to each of the three products described today. These sweets are not readily available for sale, Moreover, some of them are not worth much attention. So I describe them as more of a warning because they are either too expensive, or not very tasty.

However, before that, I will present the most valuable product, whose photo is at the beginning of the post. This is another variation of the so-called. Mozarts, i.e. marzipan and pistachio pralines (with the addition of nougat filling) drenched in chocolate. I came across this version during pre-Christmas winter shopping in Auchan (occasional product with us, after that, I have not seen it in any store anymore).

Package Mozartkugeln very similar in shape to another version sold in the Lidl chain - Marzipan Pralines – J.D. Gross. So far it seemed to me, that Lidl is copying Reber brand product, but now i'm not sure, that there is only a valid prototype. And that's for this reason, that the Mozart-Kugeln described here is a high-quality product of a recognized brand Lambertz. Not so long ago I also described another variety of these pralines Chocolate mousse with Marzipan I found this to be the tastiest, and at the same time the most expensive. But in second place, I can with the grade 4+/5 put the Mozart-Kugeln pralines presented today (sweetness level: mediocre). They owe their high marks to their perfect quality (with the right level of sweetness and cocoa content) dark chocolate (better than the version from Lidl). Fairly average price, I paid for 200g in Auchan 10,39 zloty (what gives 51,95 PLN per kg of the product).

The next products do not impress so much. Above, there is a photo of pralines Cupid (weight 125g, cena 11,39 zloty) - supposedly in different flavors (as for the chocolate, it is correct, dark, White, Milky), but the filling is still the same - boring for a chocolate box. The taste of this product cannot be distinguished too much from other recently described praline packaging (also signed with a magic phrase: Made in Belgium) named Mix of chocolates - Hamlet. Although the Cupido mini chocolate box looks better in terms of price (purchase in both cases in Auchan), it's still not cheap for such average quality, the resultant assessment is therefore only 2+/5 (high sweetness level).

The last sweets in this entry can be described as disappointments. This time it's a product straight from Germany (bought at the stand, where they only sell goods imported from that country). These are chocolate coated cookies (package weight 200g) - although in my opinion they taste like a chocolate-like product! Finesse wafer sheets whole milk marki Continental Bakeries GmbH I only rate it 1+/5 (see photo at the bottom of the post). For the first time such a surprise in relation to sweets from Germany. I have put off the description of these cookies for so long, I don't even remember the price anymore, but rather, they belonged to those cheaper products, so little loss, that the experiment failed. I don't really recommend them.