Machines and equipment for sorting potatoes and vegetables

Machines and equipment for sorting potatoes and vegetables.

Pretreatment of potatoes and vegetables involves the following operations: sorting, washing, cleaning and grinding.

Sorting consists in separating plant materials according to size in various types of sorters. In gastronomy, it concerns mainly potatoes due to their large quantitative share in the preparation of meals. Potatoes should be sorted when they are delivered to storage. Often, however, this activity is performed while taking them from the warehouse for production.

For sorting, frame and drum sorters are used.

Drawing. Diagram of the frame sorter: 1 - pour, 2 - diameter sieve 8 cm, 3 - diameter sieve 5 cm.

Frame sorter (gravitational), shown schematically in the figure, it is most often used for sorting potatoes while picking them from storage. The sorter has screens with holes 8 i 5 cm. Potatoes with a diameter above it are obtained from it 8 cm, 5-8 cm and below 5 cm.

Drum sorter it is used when the potatoes are handed over to the warehouse. The basic working part of the sorter is a drum consisting of three segments made of sheet metal or made of metal mesh with hole diameters 4-5 cm, 5-6 cm i 6-8 cm.

Drawing. Drum sorter: 1 - drum, 2 - pour, 3 - chute, 4 supporting structure.

A sloping chute extends from each segment, which the potatoes fall into the baskets provided. Due to the rotational movement and inclination of the drum (10-15° to horizontal) potatoes fed through the chute move evenly to its successive segments, where they are distributed to three chutes. When operated by two people, the capacity of the sorter is 600-800 kg per hour.