Machines and devices for mechanical processing of raw materials and food products

Machines and devices for mechanical processing of raw materials and food products.

Food raw materials, like for example. potatoes, vegetables, fruit, meat, the fish, as well as some products, np. bread, cold cuts, cheeses, they are subject to various types of technological processes, before they reach the consumer's table as a ready-made dish. In gastronomy, mechanical and thermal processes are most often used (sometimes also biotechnical and physicochemical processes).

Mechanical processes include several basic ones (unit) operation, which in turn is divided into treatments, and these for activities and working movements.

The main operations are in gastronomy: washing, sorting, calibration, sifting, cleansing, shredding, filtration, mixing solids and liquids, dosage, portioning and shaping.

The discussed machines and devices for mechanical and thermal processing of food, as well as cooling devices and various types of modern automatic machines, such as a cutlet forming machine, dumplings etc., are equipment:

1. Small and medium-sized catering establishments, using food raw materials basically in their natural form and carrying out full technological processing from raw materials to ready meals.

2. Central preparation of semi-finished products, np. peeled potatoes and vegetables, portioned meat, delicatessen products, desserts etc..

3. Industrial catering establishments dealing with the central production of semi-finished and finished culinary products intended for small catering establishments, both open, and closed (employee canteens, boarding schools etc.).