Machines and equipment for washing potatoes and vegetables

Machines and equipment for washing potatoes and vegetables.

Potatoes and vegetables can be washed by hand or mechanically. During washing, soil remnants and other impurities are removed from the surface of potatoes and vegetables, np. microflora. Only clean water is used for washing. The quality of the washing depends on the rinsing time, degree of soiling, on the method and the number of times the water is changed in the washer.

For manual washing, special pools are used, barrels or tubs with cold water supply and sewage discharge to the sewage system through a settling tank.

Various types of scrubbers with intensive water spray and mixing of potatoes or vegetables and fruit are used for mechanical washing. Schemes of various types of scrubbers are shown in the figure.

Drawing. The principle of operation of the scrubber: a) on foot, b) drum, c) turntable, d) roller, e) vibration.

Rinsers are quite commonly used in the fruit and vegetable industry, refrigerant (production of frozen food), in central potato and vegetable preparation plants as well as in medium and large catering establishments.