Machines for grinding and loosening meat

Machines for grinding and loosening meat.

For the most common grinding and grinding devices for raw and cooked meat, lard and fish are machines popularly known as wolves (drawing).

Drawing. Machine MUM-10 for meat grinding produced by Nakielskie Zakłady Mechaniczne and Foundries: a) view, b) diagram.

The following basic units can be distinguished in each meat mincing machine:
• hull 1 made of cast iron, often including a loading sump 7, and a pusher 6,
• drive unit with control system(electric engine 8, belt or gear transmissions 3 and circuit breakers),
• meat serving unit (worm feeder 2, made of cast iron and steel, placed in the wolf's throat 4),
• cutting unit (consisting of knives, nets and regulating rings, made of high-quality steel, tightened to the throat sleeve with a nut 5).

The working elements of the meat grinding machine are movable knives, fixed sieves and distance rings (drawing).

Drawing. Working elements of the meat grinding machine (knives, sieves and spacer rings).

Knives are most often four-winged (there are also three-leaf or two-leaf, one-sided or two-sided). The screens used for grinding usually have round holes with a diameter 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 20, 24 mm. For coarse grinding, three-hole fixed sieves with oval slanted holes are used, pointed and one side of the walls, the so-called. shredders (cutters). The rotating knives with radial blades are placed between the discs. They fit snugly against the shields.

The operation of the machine is very simple. The meat delivered to the loading sump goes to the screw conveyor. The auger with declining stroke feeds the meat through the throat to the cutting device. Under the pressure exerted by the auger, the meat is forced into the holes of the strainer, and knives cut pieces that match the diameters of its holes.

There are also MUM-10 machines in catering establishments.

The MUM-10 machine is designed for grinding all types of raw and cooked meat. It can also drive cold cuts, bread, vegetables and for pureeing soups (Look: universal gastronomic machine). Additional equipment of the MUM-10 machine constitute:
• set of sieve discs: nr 1 - with oblique oval holes, nr 2 - with holes with a diameter 12 mm, nr 3 - with holes with a diameter 5 mm i nr 4 - with holes with a diameter 3 mm,
• a set of two knives - one-sided and two-sided - and two distance rings - wide and narrow.

The efficiency of the MUM-10 machine when grinding raw meat is approx. 150 kg/h. The MUM-10 machine does not require fixing during operation.

It should be located near a three-phase socket and earthed or earthed.

As a result of grinding with the MUM-10 machine, it is possible to obtain meat of various degrees of fragmentation, depending on the type of cutting element placed on the axis of the auger feeder:

• Extra coarse grinding - one-sided knife, site no 1, wide spacer ring.

• Coarse grinding - sieve no 1, two-sided knife, site no 2, narrow spacer ring or one-sided knife, site no 2 and a spacer ring wide.

• Normal grinding - one-sided knife, site no 1, two-sided knife, narrow spacer ring or: one-sided knife, site no 3, wide spacer ring.

• Fine grinding - one-sided knife, site no 2, two-sided knife, site no 4, narrow spacer ring or: one-sided knife, site no 4, wide spacer ring.

Sequence of actions when operating the MUM-10 machine:

1. Fix the sleeve in the machine head yes, so that the cutout of the sleeve hits the catch- located in the head flange and turn counterclockwise until it stops, then fix the sleeve with two screws on the side of the head.

2. Place the screw conveyor in the sleeve and mount on it as needed by the sieve, knives and spacer rings and screw nuts onto the sleeve, to prevent the knives from rubbing too hard against the sieves.

3. Put the head of the feeding bowl on the spigot and fix it with the knurled screw.

4. Start the machine by turning the knob on the side of the machine to position I.

Products to be ground should be cut into pieces of approx. 5x5x5 cm and arranged on the feeding bowl. They should be inserted into the opening of the feeding bowl and pressed with a wooden pusher. After finishing work and stopping the machine by returning the knob to position 0 remove the plug from the socket, wash in hot water and dry all parts, that have been in contact with food and clean the channel in the juicing head. Neglecting the latter step may lead to rotting of juices and contamination of the raw material. Maintenance consists in lubricating the transmission parts and machine bearings. All these elements are splash lubricated during machine operation with machine oil no 5. The quality of the oil in the body should be checked once a month. When the oil is used up, it must be replaced. To do this, the entire oil content is decanted from the gearbox and a new portion of machine oil is poured in (ok. 0,3 liter) through the filler opening in the head. The machine should be inspected every six months.