Continuous potato cleaning machines

Continuous potato cleaning machines.

Continuous potato cleaning machines are part of the technological lines of the central preparation of potatoes and vegetables.

Drawing. Scheme of the line for peeling potatoes and vegetables in the central preparation room.

Cleaned and protected against darkening (0,8% sodium acid sulfite solution) potatoes and vegetables are packed in bags or containers and delivered on line 24 : 48 hours to catering establishments.

Drawing. Peeler for continuous peeling of vegetables: a) potato movement, b) device diagram.

Peeler for continuous cleaning of potatoes and vegetables, shown in the picture, works as follows: through the hopper 1 potatoes or vegetables 3 fall to the horizontal, quickly rotating, rollers 4 coated with silicon carbide. The rollers constitute the bottom of the bathtub with three or four partitions. Potatoes or vegetables slide on rollers towards the chute 2, which causes their outer skin to wear off. The partitions force the raw material to move forward. The chafed peel is rinsed with water 5. The efficiency of devices of this type is 600-3000 kg/h.