Machines for cutting cold meats, sera, bread and tripe

Machines for cutting cold meats, sera, bread and tripe.

Such machines are used in catering establishments, shops and cafeterias. The country produces many types of slicing machines, sera i chleba, starting with hand-operated machines, through machines with a rotating knife and manual feed of the infeed table up to machines with mechanical feed of the infeed table (Mercury 3) and semi-automatic machines (Minerva 1).

An example of a hand-operated device is the MS-20 cheese slicer, about efficiency 12 kg/h.

Drawing. MS-20 cheese cutting machine.

This machine (drawing) consists of a base and a movable lever, made of light alloy. A steel knife is mounted in the lever. The thickness of the cut cheese slices can be steplessly adjusted.

The MKWr-2-230 machine is used for cutting cold meats, cheeses, and also bread (drawing).

Drawing. MKWr-2-230 machine for food cutting: a) view, b) diagram: 1 – feed trolley, 2 - knife drive, 3 - slices thickness regulator, 4 - knife sheath, 5 - clamp with a handle to guide, 6 - sausage tray, 7 - engine switch with control lamp, 8 - security plate, 9 - V-belt tension regulator.

Products to be cut are placed on a horizontal feeding trolley and moved manually along the plane of the rotating knife. The machine consists of the following main assemblies:

• the feeding trolley, which holds the product in place during slicing,

• drive that generates the blade torque,

• Slice thickness regulator enabling slicing of slices of various thickness,

• sharpeners for sharpening a dull knife.

Other machines, like MKWr-300 for cutting cold meats, sera i chleba (modified Mercury machine model 3) and the universal 612p slicer (drawing) for cutting cold meats, cheeses, raw meat, cooked, baked, vegetables and bread, have a sloping feeding table, ensuring the administration of the product under its own weight, and toothed plate food pushers.

Drawing. 612p machine for food slicing

The 6.12p machine is equipped with a safety interlock. There is a microswitch in the electric circuit of the engine power supply; it turns off the engine automatically at the moment, when the lever is released with the knife guard extraction screw. This is especially important when cleaning the machine, when it is necessary to remove the knife cover. In addition, the 612p machine is equipped with a sharpener for continuous grinding and superfinishing the knife.

Machines for slicing bread (drawing) they can be manually or mechanically driven. Hand-operated machines resemble machines with a circular knife designed for cutting cold meats and cheese. In large catering establishments, canteens etc.. powered bread slicing machines are used.

Drawing. Bread slicing machines: a) machine KL, b) Elektrolux machine: 1 - hull, 2 - feeding table, 3 - receiving table, 4 - knives, 5 - knife frames, 6 - levers tightening the knives, 7 - guide bridge, 8 - guide lever, 9 - restriction and protection plate, 10 - fuse, U - switch, 12 - plug.

Do countrymen flaków a manual machine of Polish production with efficiency is used 25 kg / h or MUF-600 attachment for a universal gastronomic machine. The manual tripe cutter is shown in the figure.

Drawing. Machine for cutting tripe production of Nakielskie Zakłady Mechaniczne and Foundry: a) view, b) cross-section.

In the hull 1 there are two rollers: top 2 with feed discs 3 and lower 4 with circular knives 5 and spacer discs. The machine also includes: gear 6, age 7 and gutter.

When turning the crank, the feed roller turns in the opposite direction of the knife roller movement. The tripe placed in the gutter falls under its own weight onto the assembly of feeding discs and knives, where they are cut into wide strips 5 mm. The sliced ​​tripe drops down the gutter to the dish provided. The machine has a capacity of approx. 30 kg/h. When turning the crank, you must not push the tripe in the feeding chute. After finishing work, the machine should be washed and wiped dry and periodically lubricated the sliding bearings of the rollers and the gear transmission.