Belcoco Zentis coconut marzipan

Belcoco Zentis coconut marzipan.

Pre-holiday period, is the best time to look for opportunities to find new sweets. Before Easter 2017 I found a special bar in Auchan. It's drenched in milk chocolate (24%) marcepan Belcoco international brand Zentis (one of the company's branches is in Poland).

There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if not for the fact, it's coconut marzipan - this is the first time I came across something like this. The taste reminds me a bit coconut bar Bounty, but the consistency is definitely different, very homogeneous (without noticeable coconut flakes), almost cream-colored. The combination of the traditional marzipan ingredient, that is, almonds (22%) with coconut flakes (5,7%) it's a great idea and actually tastes better than Bounty.

Maybe this chocolate should be a bit more, but the whole thing gives connoisseurs of sweets a nice springboard. The price is not low, but nevertheless I will gladly reach for such a product again, if I still find it on sale, and this is not always easy with sweets that are occasionally put in the store. Overall rating based on creativity and price 4-/5.

Overall assessment (subjective) 4-/5
Sweetness level - medium

Price for the package (Auchan store, April 2017): 4,49 zloty
Price per kg: 74,83 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 479
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 50g
Total fat content per 100g: 26g
Warnings: the product contains milk components, soi, coconut shrims, almonds, glucose syrup, in addition, it may contain other nuts in trace amounts