Crispy wafer with a Dark Chocolate Loacker filling

Crispy wafer with a Dark Chocolate Loacker filling.

At the beginning 2017 In the year I came across a novelty in hypermarkets. I found the cheapest in Auchan, that's why I give this price - although it is not delightfully low anyway (per kg of product). And we're talking about wafers (without chocolate glaze) from Italy, which are called Sandwich Dark Chocolate (there are also other flavors of the filling) brand Loacker.

Dark chocolate, is the name of the flavor of the filling, and the unofficial chocolate content between the waffle layers. Although it actually tastes quite intense chocolate, this is the main advantage of this product.

Both the weight and the shape of the package suggest, supposedly it was a typical wafer from the type category Buttons. However, inside you will not find multi-layered ingredients that differ in taste. We have in the package 9 mini wafers, each of which consists of only the top and bottom waffle layers (light, brittle and thin) and inside a solid dose of cream, but rather dry dark chocolate flavor filling.

The lightness and taste are very good for a product without chocolate coating, hence even a high rating 3+. I recommend wafer lovers, I have already bought them several times.

The grade would be higher, if at a fairly solid price, the quality of the ingredients would allow it, and with almost every mass product on the shelf with sweets it is not the best. The only positive distinguishing feature is the use of coconut oil instead of palm oil (health professionals know the difference).

Overall assessment (subjective) 3+/5
Sweetness level - medium

Price for the package (Auchan store, January 2017): 1,38 zloty
Price per kg: 55,20 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 500
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 60g
Total fat content per 100g: 24g
Warnings: the product contains milk components, wheat (gluten), soi, for this rippers, glucose syrup, hazelnuts, in addition, it may contain almonds in trace amounts