Chocolate news in Auchan (chocolate, Gingerbreads, waffle leak)

Chocolate news in Auchan (chocolate, Gingerbreads, waffle leak).

They are in my city 2 Auchan stores, however, they differ significantly in the abundance of the sweets offer. A smaller shop (as part of a shopping mall in the center) usually has a small permanent exposure and rarely something new can be found. On the other hand, the shop on the outskirts of the city offers a much wider selection, including a lot of news appearing as if for the purpose of experimental checking, how will they prove themselves in sales. And it is there that there are special pre-Christmas offers, np. this unique coconut bar in chocolate, which also in September 2017 I was able to get hold of it (there were only a few of them on the shelf, So I took them all).

During the last trip to this Auchan I also found three new products. The first one is milk chocolate with macadamia nuts in the brand's square chocolate series Ritter Sport. I have already described a few suggestions from this series before, np. favorite version of marzipan filling.

This time I was tempted by milk chocolate (stated on the package as alpine milky) mainly due to the uniqueness of macadamia nuts (see photo at the beginning of the post).

Before that, I already ate them unprocessed, like most nuts, they have a mild flavor, although each type is slightly different. These are nuts slightly larger than ordinary hazelnuts, so despite the thickness of the chocolate (which is characteristic of this version of square chocolates) it was impossible to put in whole nuts, but they were large pieces embedded in chocolate. And just like they do with hazelnuts - they also undergo some kind of processing (probably lightly toasted), to be slightly brittle, easy to crack. As a result, however, macadamia nuts do not differ much from hazelnuts, especially since the dominant flavor is the milk chocolate itself (good quality, but as always sweet - with the specific sweetness of milk sugar). As for this usually cheap store, the novelty was rather above average. 6,98 PLN for 100g. Good idea, also good performance, the price is a bit too high (compared to other chocolates in the same series), hence the overall rating of it 3/5.

Another novelty (I think so, I have not seen this before), which I am describing briefly, I found on the cookie shelf. To classic gingerbread cookies, but in an exclusive-looking series of cardboard packaging. Known mark Copernicus Toruń did not disappoint, light heart-shaped gingerbread cookies, but also not too sticky when chewing, drenched in dark chocolate (not very large layer of it). On the packaging with an inscription about the addition of honey as an ingredient (addition not very great (4%), cannot be sensed in any particular way, that it is a noticeable flavor element). Classic and brand in good-quality packaging at a fair price, bo 5,99 PLN for 128g (it's up to 46,80 PLN per kg, it's more expensive than the average chocolate). Hence the assessment 3-/5.

The last product was apparently at a test price 0,46 zloty! It was sold in several flavors, but some were exactly twice as expensive. I chose this one, which taste suited me best and I was not disappointed. We are talking about a fairly large thickness of the wafer Hi Easy with chocolate filling. The weight of 47g makes, that it is a revelation in terms of price - when converted to kg, it is only 9,79 PLN per kg. Even outside the promotion at twice the price, it is also a good offer (in Biedronka I saw at the checkout after 0,79 zloty). It resembles Góralka - covered with dark chocolate only on the side rim. Very light with several layers of filling "storms in".

I can evaluate it as a classic wafer from those sold in large packages (that is, not very distinctive), but also enriched with an additional layer of chocolate. So you can hold it in your hand like this, that the chocolate will not melt in our fingers - this is an interesting advantage of the economical use of chocolate by the manufacturer. Thanks to the good workmanship and the attractive price, I can evaluate it as a whole 3+/5.