Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt - Lindt

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt - Lindt.

Today very briefly - the brand is great, recognizable, talking about Lindt. And the product is so-so, the price is also high due to belonging to the group of chocolates Lindt Excellence. This is a series in a nice cardboard box, one of those chocolates (with an orange aftertaste) już I have described before.

As long as in the production of chocolate, adding some fruit flavors (orange, malina) works well, some of them are quite inconsistent and bite - to put it simply, they do not match chocolate delights. It's my opinion, because there are such, who are delighted with the addition of e.g.. hot peppers (it's like trying to combine fire and water).

In the case of the chocolate described today, sea salt is the addition - I was not delighted with this combination, but I had to try it for myself, never to be theoretically nagging again, it's a bad combination. Moreover, the chocolate is not bitter, as it used to be when translating labels, and only a dessert (min. 47% cocoa) - the taste is therefore sweet and salty. Although good-quality dessert chocolate (the brand obliges), however, this is for combining it with salt and the overall rating is below average due to the high price.

Overall assessment (subjective) 2-/5
Sweetness level - medium

Price for the package (Carrefour store, November 2016): 7,79 zloty
Price per kg: 77,90 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 529
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 50g
Total fat content per 100g: 32g
Warnings: the product contains sea salt (0,3%), milk ingredients, soi, in addition, it may contain several other ingredients in trace amounts (like hazelnuts and other nuts)