Bel Royal Eras marcepane bombonier & Carstens

Bel Royal marcepan bombonier – Erasmi & Carstens.

I have described various interesting looking and tasting sweets many times, which I buy at stands with products from Germany (it is relatively easy for me, because I live close to the border). Here is another such product. Square chocolate box with a weight 250 g containing 2 shapes of marzipan pralines in dark chocolate.

This product comes from the German "marzipan region" - the town of Lubeck, hence the main name on the package Lubeck noble marzipan. It is sold under the brand name Call Royal (if I interpreted it correctly), although the actual name of the manufacturer is Erasmus & Carstens.

Interestingly, for such a good quality product, it's a very low price - 10 zloty (that is just 40 PLN for 1 kg).

I have to admit, I really like this composition of sweets - good quality marzipan (37% almond content) with an equally tasty dessert chocolate, although for me it is a bit too little, especially in the "star" version, because in the "hearts" there seems to be more of this chocolate (in the description, the proportions of marzipan to chocolate on the level are indicated in percent 76% i 24%). The whole thing is not too sweet, for which I usually praise products from Germany, therefore a well-deserved assessment 4-/5. I will certainly buy it more than once, as soon as these sweets are on sale and the price actually holds.

Overall assessment (subjective) 4-/5
Sweetness level - medium

Price for the package (Stand with products from Germany, April 2017): 10 zloty
Price per kg: 40 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 486
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 43,3g
Total fat content per 100g: 28,8g
Warnings: the product contains almonds, may contain wheat ingredients (gluten), soi, pistachios, hazelnuts and other nuts