Chocolate-coated jelly biscuits - Bahlsen Messino

Chocolate-coated jelly biscuits - Bahlsen Messino.

brand Bahlsen known in Poland thanks to Cruchips chips, but also different versions of their cookies are popular with us. However, I will describe it, which I found in Italy, and what I have not seen in our country. These are interestingly presented sponge cakes with jelly in dark chocolate, called in Poland as a category: dainty.

The uniqueness of this product from Germany is due, among other things, to the fact, that the cakes are rectangular, not round. In addition, the jelly covers the entire sponge cake, and not just the middle part, as is the case in classic delicacies. So much for the appearance. And now for other distinguishing features.

First, the Bahlsen Messino product is extremely resistant to drying out, Our domestic biscuits are fresh and soft after unsealing the packaging, but they dry quickly, sometimes they are enough 2 days. And these cookies even after 2 weeks were just as soft, like right after opening. A kind of advantage, but what chemicals were used for this?

Secondly - according to the description on the packaging, the jelly should be orange-flavored (contents 4,8% concentrated orange juice) - however, the taste is dominated by citric acid, which is also included in the list of ingredients. This influences the assessment quite strongly, though the first impressions are quite positive (the product is packed in a soft plastic bottom, and additionally in a cardboard packaging weighing 125g), the spell is broken, when it reaches us, that the orange flavor is lost somewhere in the background of strongly perceptible citric acid. It would be honest to advertise these cookies as lemon, and that's it.

The price on the web is just over 6 PLN for the package. I was paying some 2 times more, because I was buying at a gas station, so it doesn't count.

Something like WoW is missing, price above our domestic, better counterparts, the taste differs from what is promised in the package, hence the low rating.

Overall assessment (subjective) 2-/5
Sweetness level - medium

Price for the package (Auchan, November 2016): 6 zloty
Price per kg: 48 zloty
The number of kcal in 100g: 407
Sugar content (carbohydrates) w 100g: 63g
Total fat content per 100g: 15g
Warnings: the product contains milk components, wheat, soybeans, for this rippers, Palm oil, citric acid, sorbitol, in addition, it may contain nuts in trace amounts